CastGuard™ – The Next Generation Cast Control Technology

The biggest challenge in baitcasting

Baitcasting can be challenging due to backlash and line overrun. Despite this long lasting problem, manufacturers have not been able to properly address this issue without losing cast distance, control and versatility.

CastGuard offers the ultimate solution with its mechanical brake system, based on the patented Transversor technology. The Transversor detects minor changes in spool rotation speed and engages the brake arm using Euler force once a deceleration threshold is reached.

Unlike other braking systems that depend on centrifugal force or magnetic force, CastGuard’s Transversor technology provides unmatched precision and control.


CastGuard Proprietary Technologies


A ultra sensitive device able to detect extremely small changes in rotational speed


Part of the Baldr Sentinel in order to amplify the Euler force generated by Transversal acceleration


Specially engineered using watchmaker design to handle any force required to prevent line overrun and backlash


Developed and manufactured using nuclear machining precision to enable automatic adaptation to very high RPMs

CastGuard is a patented and patent pending technology

The Automatic Thumb

CastGuard functions as an automatic thumb, similar to how you would instinctively place your thumb on the spool. It activates to reduce spool speed and prevent overrun when necessary.

While the spool is accelerating or maintaining a constant speed, CastGuard remains inactive. It only activates when the spool starts to decelerate, mitigating backlash and overrun issues.

Upon the lure ceasing to pull the line, the spool decelerates and triggers CastGuard, moving the brake arm into an active position. Through friction, it then slows down the spool until the lure pulls the line once more. Afterward, CastGuard deactivates, allowing the lure to proceed unhindered. This process repeats until the lure’s speed reaches zero.

You won’t notice CastGuard unless you need it. Requiring no adjustments, it automatically adapts to any situation–from changes in bait weight to varying wind conditions.

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