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We are committed to delivering the best possible fishing experience through cutting-edge technology. By utilizing top-quality materials and maintaining the highest tolerances, we ensure you can concentrate on the more enjoyable aspects of fishing. Mastering a baitcaster should not be one of them.

Svivlo Genesis ONE is the first baitcaster coming out from manufacturing. It’s a sleek and powerful 300-size reel with carbon fibre reinforced Haegr body and equipped with CastGuard 1.0. Perfect for fish like Muskie, Northern Pike, Zander, Walleye and Snakehead.

Genesis ONE comes in 8.1:1 or 6.3:1 gear ratio with a 27lbs/12kg auto alarm drag brake and large EVA knobs.

We’ve gone with an all black Midgaard Dunkel design and a reel with fewer dials than any other baitcaster.

Genesis ONE Features:

  • CastGuard 1.0 for smarter fishing
  • Midgaard Dunkel blacked out body to focus on the experience
  • Fenrir carbon fibre body for ultimate rigidity and strength
  • Bronze pinion and brass drive gear for best durability
  • Large size multi-carbon drag provides maximum drag force and smoothness
  • 12cm extended handle with EVA knob for increased cranking power
  • Auto alarm drag clicker

Additional information

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × 10 cm
Gear Ratio

6.3:1, 8.1:1

Reel Handle Position

Right, Left

Model Ball Bearing Gear Ratio Line Retrieve (cm) Line Capacity mm/m Line Capacity lb/Yds Spool Max Drag (kg) Weight (g)*
GEN1-CG1-8.1-RH 9 + 1RB 8.1:1 99 0.27/300 0.32/230 0.36/180 0.40/130 12/250 14/230 20/150 ALU 12 265
GEN1-CG1-8.1-LH 9 + 1RB 8.1:1
GEN1-CG1-6.3-RH 9 + 1RB 6.3:1 77 0.27/300 0.32/230 0.36/180 0.40/130 12/250 14/230 20/150 ALU 12 265
GEN1-CG1-6.3-LH 9 + 1RB 6.3:1


With lightning-fast reaction times and aerospace-grade ultra-durable materials, CastGuard boasts unparalleled power and performance, guaranteeing exceptional casting capabilities at any given moment.


A minimalistic Scandinavian design with clean lines and aestethics, without any distracting dials or levers.


An all matte black reel and sleek modern touch enables full focus on fishing.


The Genesis ONE reel body and frame is made out of an ultra durable and high rigid carbon fibre reinforced polycaprolactam.

Svivlo Genesis Codename Thor is a smaller version of Genesis ONE and is expected to hit the shelves in Q4 2023. It will be based on the Haegr body design concept in Midgaard Dunkel black color.

Genesis Codename Thor will be equipped with CastGuard 1.1, specially optimized for bass fishing.


Svivlo Genesis Technology & Concepts



Removes reel
complexity and 
makes casting easy



Scandinavian simplicity.
No unnecessary
dials, levers or knobs



Absorbs the forces
generated by CastGuard
throughout the cast



Lighting fast detection
very small changes
in rotational speed
cuased by the lure
stops pulling the line



Increases the force
generated by
Transversal Acceleration



Ultra light frame
carbon fibre body with
extra high tensile strength



Blacked out design to
provide maximum
focus on experience



Enables lighting fast detection
of speed changes at very high RPM

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