Unleash Your Inner Fishing Fury with Effortless Casting, Unrivaled Control

Stop compromising on ease of use or performance. Svivlo is your gateway to a new era of effortless casting and unmatched success on the water.

Imagine casting like a pro, even if you’re just starting out. That’s the Svivlo difference.

We’re obsessed with simplicity, crafting baitcasting reels that are beautifully designed, ridiculously easy to use, and deliver fish-fighting power like no other.


It’s an amazing reel… Best reel I’ve ever had!


It’s perfect for competitions as I can cast as long as with my normal baitcaster but with less force


This is a game changer


Just when I’m ready to use my thumb, the brake system kicks in and prevents overrun.


Absurd. This shouldn’t be possible.


Throw after throw without a single line raise or backlash


Man, you can cast as long with this as any other baitcaster


It was surreal to just be able to cast with full power and the reel just handle everything


Cast like a pro, effortlessly: Our patented CastGuard™ technology eliminates overruns and backlashes, making mastery a breeze for any angler.

Unleash unyielding power: Don’t let looks fool you. Our reels may seem ordinary, but contains control, power and versatility never before seen.

Scandinavian beauty, engineered for comfort: Experience smooth, intuitive operation and ergonomic design that keeps you casting all day long.

Confidence from beginner to pro: Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, Svivlo empowers you to cast with precision and control.

A Scandinavian watchmaker heritage

The Svivlocasters in action

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