Our Story

Years of engineering

Svivlo was founded by the watchmaker Sten-Thore Zander and his son Patrik Zander. As a watchmaker who has spent his whole life managing small complex objects in motion and as an angler getting backlash, he decided to do something about the problem. After many years, thousands and thousands of hours engineering, building and testing he finally solved the baitcasters Gordian knot and invented the world’s only properly working cast brake – CastGuard™.

Name origin

Svivlo might sound like a made up word but is in fact old Norse for “spinning around” and also a dialect of “Svirvel” which was a fishing lure made out of tin. What better reason than this to name our brand Svivlo?

Sten-Thore and Patrik Zander

Product development & patents

Market introduction at

Tooling & manufacturing


Assembly & Quality Assurance


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