Product testing at Svivlo’s Quarters

Feb 14, 2023

During the morning of April 1st, Svivlo invited visitors to further product tests of the Svivlo Genesis ONE, on Svivlo’s own grounds, outside the workshop where the product has been developed. When the tests were completed, the testers agreed on one thing: Svivlo Genesis ONE works as promised.

A particularly gratifying comment that arose during the test day was the following:

“I have spent three months fine tuning my current multi reel to achieve maximum casting length. I have to say that I cast farther with your reel on the second try.”

We thank all testers for their participation during Saturday’s product tests. We are grateful for all the feedback we can get, in order to constantly refine our technology and our products.

We are now looking forward to new product tests of Svivlo Genesis ONE, which take place continuously. Keep an eye out for new dates regarding this and other news.

Here is a video of Saturday’s tests:

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