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EASY as a spinning reel


POWERFUL as a baitcaster

Fishing with a baitcaster
has never been easier

Svivlo Genesis ONE with CastGuard™

makes advanced fishing available for anyone


Zero adjustments. Better control. No backlash.

Live trials at the Swedish Sportfishing Fair in Stockholm


That is absurd. Should not be possible.


It was impossible to backlash. And I really tried.


I can cast as long with Genesis ONE as any other reel


The technology truly is revolutionary


Throw after throw without a single line raise or backslash


The technology really works. Impressed.


It was surreal to just be able to cast with full power and the reel just handle everything

How to cast with Svivlo Genesis ONE™


1. Grab your favorite Svivlo reel

2. Pick you luckiest lure

3. Fish



Protects the next generation
cast control technology
from water and debris



Ultra light frame with
extra hight tensile strength
in order to handle the power
CastGuard produces



Ultra light frame with
extra high tensile strength
to handle the power
CastGuard produces



Lighting fast detection
of the smallest changes
in rotational speed



Increases the force
generated by
Transversal Acceleration



Absorbs the large force
generated by CastGuard

Svivlo Genesis ONE™ Features & Specifications

 dragGenesis ONE Features

  • CastGuard 1.0 for smarter fishing
  • Midgaard Dunkel blacked out body to focus on the experience
  • Fenrir carbon fibre body for ultimate rigidity and strength
  • Bronze pinion and brass drive gear for best durability
  • Large size multi-carbon drag provides maximum drag force and smoothness
  • 12cm extended handle with EVA knob for increased cranking power
  • No cast brake adjustments
  • Auto drag clicker


Model Ball Bearing Gear Ratio Line Retrieve (cm) Line Capacity mm/m Line Capacity lb/Yds Spool Max Drag (kg) Weight (g)
GEN1-CG1-8.1-RH 9 + 1RB 8.1:1 99 0.33/250 0.37/210 0.41/130 12/250 14/230 20/150 ALU 12 265
GEN1-CG1-8.1-LH 9 + 1RB 8.1:1
GEN1-CG1-6.3-RH 9 + 1RB 6.3:1 77 0.33/250 0.37/210 0.41/130 12/250 14/230 20/150 ALU 12 265
GEN1-CG1-6.3-LH 9 + 1RB 6.3:1


A Deceleration Brake

CastGuard is a new type of cast control technology that leverage Euler force to detect small changes in rotational speed.

CastGuard does not activate based on the spools rotational speed as other technologies on the market such as centrifugal brakes, magnetic brakes or digital brakes.

As long as the spool is accelerating or has a constant speed, CastGuard is inactive. It is not until the spool starts to decelerate as CastGuard activates and reduces spool speed to avoid backlash and birds nest.

By using our patented CastGuard™, which brakes when the bait stops pulling on the line, we have achieved outstanding results.

No time is wasted with needless adjustments after a change of bait weight or changing wind conditions. The risk of backlash is almost non-existent and you can push the limits even further to excel your fishing and fully enjoy the experience.

Common Questions & Answers

When can I buy Genesis ONE?

We plan to launch Genesis ONE on Kickstarter during March 2023. Sign up on our newsletter to be the first to get the news when the campaign launches.

The campaign will be packed with offers and a limited collectors edition with unique serial numbers.

Can I get Genesis ONE in more than one size?

The first reel we produce will be 300 model in both right and left hand crank. All technical details will be posted shortly.

More sizes will be available at a later stage.

Who can use Genesis ONE?

Genesis ONE can more or less be used by anyone that wants to fish. If you’re a beginner Genesis ONE fits perfectly. If you’re a more avid angler who wants to spend less time on adjustments and hassle, Genesis ONE is is the reel for you. If you’re a Pro and don’t always want to push the limits of yourself and the technology, Geneis ONE will give you the power you need and time to cover more areas in a relaxed mode.

I use a spinning reel. Can I really use Genesis ONE?

Genesis ONE is an excellent alternative to a spinning reel and in fact is easier to use.

What is CastGuard?

CastGuard is a completely new type of cast brake that is activated by the retardation of the spool when the line is not stretched. When the line slackens, the spool speed is reduced until the line is stretched again. This sequence is repeated until the spool speed is zero.

CastGuard uses a Transversor to detect the change in rotational speed. The Transversor is already used in fall protection for walkers

What differs CastGuard from other cast brakes?

Current technologies used on baitcasters are activated and brakes only in relation to the speed of the spool. This means that the braking effect is highest at the beginning of the cast and lowest at the end of the cast. A combination of spool brake, magnetic brake, centrifugal brake and thumb is required to properly handle a cast.

CastGuard is activated by Euler force (change in velocity) alone and then applies braking effect with Euler force and centrifugal force. CastGuard is self-adjusting, which means you don’t have to adjust anything to adapt your casts to the weight of the bait or wind conditions.

Can I cast longer?

Depends on how you measure. Take market leading reel, do not use the spool brake, do not use the thumb, change the weight on the bait and adjust nothing. Then you will cast longer with Genesis ONE.

With CastGuard™ 1.0 should come approximately the same distance as with any other reel, but without any adjustments and thumb.

We’ve initially focussed on a vastly improved experience to spend more time actually fishing.

What is Euler Force?

Owl force occurs with a change in rotational speed. It is a fictitious force in the same way as centrifugal force and is a result of inertial force in one or more bodies. You can read more about Euler force here.

Why backlash?

Backlash is caused by a number of interacting factors, but basically when the spool continues to feed out the line even though the bait has stopped pulling on it. This is mainly due to the mass (weight) of the spool in combination with the speed of rotation and the mass and design of the bait. Higher rotational speed and lower weight of the bait causes more backlash. Unfortunately, this also means that the further you want to cast, the greater the risk of problems.

How do I prevent backlash?

There are no solutions available on the market that address the cause of the backlash. Attempts have been made to alleviate the problem by using centrifugal brakes, magnetic brakes, spool brakes, reducing the weight of the spool and reducing friction in the line spreader, among others. The most skilled also use their thumbs to push down the line during spool rotation. Unfortunately, these methods are often counterproductive; the brakes reduce cast length, and reducing friction increases rotation speed, which in turn increases the risk of backlashes. The latest innovations in electronic brakes are exciting and offer a greater opportunity to address the problem, but they only address the symptoms of the problems.

Can the problem be solved?

To really tackle the problem, a fundamentally new technology is needed. This technology should slow down the spool rotation when the bait stops pulling the line and not brake during the acceleration or constant speed of the spool. It may seem strange that no one else has come up with such a solution, but often someone needs to think outside the box and not be constrained by “the way it’s always been done”. CastGuard was invented by a Swedish watchmaker, who was not an angler but a problem solver, and expert in micro mechanical rotation.

Why would a new small company like Svivlo be able to solve the problem?

That is a good question. We think it’s because we just haven’t previously been in the market, and we have a different frame of reference than the established brands that have been around since the beginning. Our technology was invented by a watchmaker who was not an angler but a problem solver and therefore not bound to the way things have always been done. Rather than a small iterative improvement on an existing technology, CastGuard is a giant leap with unprecedented possibilities. By focusing on the cause of the problem and not the symptoms, we’ve managed to develop something no one else has been able to do.

Do I need to use the centrifugal brake?

With CastGuard you no longer need a centrifugal brake. The centrifugal brake also drastically reduces the length of the cast as it brakes all the time and more the further you want to cast.

Do I need to use the spool brake?

With CastGuard, you don’t need to use the spool brake to set the resistance to the weight of the bait. However, the spool brake allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of CastGuard which increases the versatility of Genesis ONE.

The spool brake is not activated by default on Genesis ONE.

Do I need to use the magnetic brake?

With CastGuard, you no longer need a traditional magnetic brake. Because the magnetic brake does not use friction to reduce the speed of the spool, it works less well at high speeds than the centrifugal brake.

Do I need to use my thumb?

Only when releasing the spool and to place the fishing lure in a specific location. When the bait lands in the water, CastGuard will slow down the rotation of the spool. If you place the bait in a tree immediately after casting, the spool will only rotate a few revolutions before stopping.

How does CastGuard compare to digital brakes?

The digital brakes, which have become both better and cheaper in recent years, are currently among the best on the market. However, they still use braking technology based on rotational speed and address symptoms rather than causes. In addition, they require adjustments to adapt to fishing. Some even require charging to work.

Will you cooperate with other reel manufacturers?

Today we have no plans to and are not actively seeking cooperation with other fishing reel manufacturers. We are fully focused on producing an amazing fishing reel. Some manufacturers have declined cooperation, but should genuine interest arise, we are open to dialogue.

Why Svivlo?

Svivlo might sound like a made up word but is in fact a old Norse for “spinning around” and also a dialect of “Svirvel” which was a fishing lure made out of tin.

What better reason than this to name our brand Svivlo.

About Svivlo

Svivlo was founded by the watchmaker Sten-Thore Zander and his son Patrik Zander. As a watchmaker who has spent his whole life managing small complex objects in motion, and as a problem solver he decided to do something about it. After many years, thousands and thousands of hours engineering, building and testing he finally solved the baitcasters Gordian knot and invented the world´s only properly working cast brake.

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