<strong>Age:</strong> 30 years<br><br>

<strong>Svivlo Fishing Team</strong><br><br>

<strong>When you’re not fishing:</strong> Play hockey when I have time and spend time with my family<br><br>

<strong>Favorite fishing spot:</strong> Mälaren<br><br>

<strong>Favorite bait:</strong> <br>Westin swimbait, red/black<br>

<strong>Favorite fish:</strong> Primarily Pike and then Perch and Zander<br><br>

<strong>Best fishing memory:</strong> For me personally, it was probably when Jonas, Keda, and I went out to fish for perch on Lake Mälaren one late spring day. I remember we had some fish in the boat but nothing spectacular. We decided to change spots and try an edge closer to the boat club. It didn’t take long, I think it was maybe the second cast or so, when something latched onto the gear and I immediately knew it was a better fish by my standards and those of Lake Mälaren, weighing 1170g & 43cm. Experiencing those hugs and that joy with friends is something one longs for again.<br><br>

<strong>I’d rather not talk about it, but it was during a perch competition where we were having a tough time on day one, lagging quite far behind the others. However, we made a small surge and caught some nice fish. But when that area went dead, we decided to move to a grassy edge, and as soon as we got there, there was an immediate hit on my rod. The bite was so hard I couldn’t tell if it was a pike or a perch, but when I finally saw the fish, it was a perch so big I could hardly believe my eyes. I screamed for the net as the fish was poorly hooked, but we barely managed to get the net up as it was folded before the fish came off right beside the boat, and I just broke down.

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