<strong>Age:</strong> 49 years<br><br>

<strong>Svivlo Fishing Team</strong><br><br>

<strong>When you’re not fishing:</strong> Hockeycoach och former hockey player<br><br>

<strong>Favorite fishing spot:</strong> Vänern and Mälaren<br><br>

<strong>Favorite bait:</strong> Hi-Lo<br><br>

<strong>Favorite fish:</strong> Perch and Aspen<br><br>

<strong>Best fishing memory:</strong> It’s almost impossible to say. Every fish is unique and has work behind it, so I find it very hard to speak about my best fishing memory. I am extremely grateful that my Grandfather and my parents gave me the opportunity to start fishing, so I got the chance to experience all these bites. Fishing for swordfish in Costa Rica is an experience I will never forget. Another strong memory is that my neighbor at my summer place often took me out in the boat despite me being so much younger than him. I am eternally grateful that I got to be with him on his pike fishing. Patrik from Älandsbro and Ramsele, if you see this, thank you!<br><br>

<strong>Worst fishing memory:</strong> I was sitting in the roof boat with a small jig, slowly dragging it along the bottom when suddenly there was a complete stop. I gave a little jerk and felt two sluggish shakes, and I thought, ‘Damn! This could be a personal best.’ I fought the pike for 10 minutes with a drilling rod. I got the fish up to the edge, but it wasn’t ready. I was about to switch hands to grab the net, so I had to stretch out extra far while holding the rod at the very bottom. And just like that, the fish made a dash and pulled the rod out of my hand. A Bite of Bleak Akakabuto and a Shimano Twin Power lost to the depths. And from what I saw, it felt like a 10+ kilo pike.

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