It was a sunny, but rather chilly and windy, morning at a lake just outside Svivlo HQ when two avid anglers, Hampus Rosberg and Ambjörn Hardenstedt, took Genesis ONE out for a tough test drive.

Genesis ONE out on a test drive

The test was carried out using two pre-production models of Genesis ONE. Casting was challenging with a temperature of 3 degrees centigrade and wind gusts up to 12 m/s from north west. The jetty pointed westwards and casting was done in headwind, sidewind and tailwind.

Hampus Rosberg

Hampus Rosberg, avid angler

It’s a fantastic reel, easy to use and you can cast as long as with any other baitcaster. It is actually quite nice to not having to use the thumb all the time. I think it’s perfect for people who fish very often, like me, who wants to focus on actually being able to cast as much and for as long as possible. It’s revolutionary.
Ambjörn Hardenstedt

Ambjörn Hardenstedt, avid angler

It was a bit surreal to be able to just grab and cast with full force and then the reel does the rest. No controlling with the thumb to prevent line raising.. Throw after throw without a single line raise or backlash. The technology really works. I’m impressed.

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